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Why is PVC Keychain popular with the public

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This article introduces the advantages of PVC keychain.

PVC Keychain is a plastic key chain. The key chain is a decorative article hung on the key ring. PVC Keychain has various shapes and is deeply loved by the masses.

PVC Keychain is also called glue dropping key chain and micro key chain because it is produced by glue dropping process.

PVC Keychain has a wide range of shapes, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, simulation model, etc. choosing your favorite PVC Keychain for the key can not only reflect your personal mood and personality, but also show your own taste, but also bring yourself a more pleasant heart.

In addition, PVC Keychain has strong plasticity and has become a new product that people like and are willing to buy.

PVC Keychain has a variety of patterns, including heart-shaped, Christmas tree, butterfly, various cartoons and various small animal shapes. It is very realistic, very cute and beautiful. It is a fashionable decoration, which is deeply loved by boys and girls.

In addition, PVC Keychain has the following functions:

Strong three-dimensional effect: the surface of PVC Keychain can be plane effect or 3D three-dimensional, and PVC Keychain can be made by relief process. The three-dimensional effect is very strong and very realistic

Strong expansibility: PVC Keychain can be made into PVC keychain with lamp with LED lamp, fragrant PVC keychain with spice, and functional PVC keychain with thermometer.

Suitable for customization: PVC Keychain has the characteristics of low mold cost, low unit price and strong product creativity. It is especially suitable for customization.